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Cuban English Prosody

Because of the lowered soft palate, there is a strong tendency for nasal resonance in Cuban English. The speech patterns are quite rhythmic. Pitch for emphasis is common, and the speaker will often utilize rising and falling intonations. Many of these prosodic patterns are found in Cuban Spanish as well. 

Cuban English 1.png
Cuban English Prosody 2.png

Cuban spanish prosody

Cuban Spanish Prosody

The Cuban Spanish prosody has a FLOAT quality to it - very free and light. Cuban Spanish speakers will also tend to stretch out vowels for emphasis.

Cuban Spanish Prosody 1.png
Cuban Spanish Prosody 2.png

Miami prosody

Miami Prosody

The prosody of this dialect sometimes is influenced by the Spanish language in that it leans towards syllable-timing. Pitch variation is narrow, and there can be a minor key falling inflection.

Miami Prosody 1.png
Miami Prosody 2.png
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